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The photo used in the masthead of this template was taken on Biscayne Bay. Photographer is Gerry Bourke.

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BBYRA Crew Required (boats needing Crew)

If you would like to be listed on this page, use our Contact Form. Please be advised that we do delete listings over 6 months old for the purpose of keeping our list updated with current info for Skippers needing crew. Thank you for participating.
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Current boats requiring crew (listings valid for 6 months)

  • David Pryor

    Service: Boat looking for Crew

    FullName: David Pryor


    Comments: Looking for crew for the upcoming Etchells Mid-

    Winters on Biscayne Bay. The dates are March 01, 02, and 03


  • Mario Careaga

    Service: Boat looking for Crew

    FullName: Mario Careaga


    Comments: Looking for experience Flying Scot racer, trying to put a OD racing team.

  • Franela-fun boat (we think) looking for fun crew.  Everyone welcome, from novice to America's Cup talent, our goal is to get more folks racing in BBYRA.  When you sail on Franela, you can do any role you'd like-if you want to steer, you can steer; if you want to trim the mainsail, you can trim the main; if you want to call tactics, you can call tactics; if you want to just sit on the high side and observe, you can sit on the high side and observe.  If you want to race BBYRA, you're welcome to race cruiser class with us.  Other boats, you're welcome to steal Franela crew after they've sailed with us-we just want more folks racing.  Contact James Liebl at 321 746 2471