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  • June 2013
    To all - but especially Ed Hernandez.   I feel compelled to write to the board and officially recognize the effort put out by the KBYC junior sailors under the tutelage of Ed Hernandez during the recent Key Biscayne Yacht Club Annual Regatta. 
    In an era when juniors (and women) are sailing's best resource for bringing new participants into our sport, KBYC joined the recent efforts of CRYC juniors in being the Race Committee volunteers.
    On Saturday to run the PHRF race, the signal boat had one adult and at least four juniors on board as the PRO's only crew, the mark boat again had one adult and at least four juniors.
    Sorry I didn't get a photo of setting the finish mark - four juniors to set mark, one holding the anchor forward, next holding the chain, next holding the line and weight and the last one holding the mark! It was classic!
    On Sunday, not only did the RC have the juniors again assisting in all areas of Race Management, KBYC also had one of their new Flying Scots out with, again, one adult and a whole slew of juniors. Another father in a powerboat had a bunch more kids and each race swapped out new crew for the boat! What a wonderful effort by KBYC to get the juniors involved in our local class boat racing. AND, keep in mind KBYC, your juniors under 21 can join BBYRA for FREE!!
    The Race Committee did a great job and I'm sure the juniors learned a whole bunch of things that will make them better sailors over the years. Our local yacht clubs and BBYRA should continue to support these great efforts. It's my hope to see the future bring more of the juniors out for RC from all the clubs. 
    I've always felt that in 30 years of doing RC, it has made me a better sailor from what I learned in race management. The juniors are our sport's future! Please post this so racing sailors on Biscayne Bay see the efforts being made to promote the juniors in all aspects of our sport.
    Mark Pincus  Miami J24 Fleet 10 Captain / Chairman Columbus Day Regatta / Chairman Bacardi Miami Sailing Week