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Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association

Miami, Florida

P.O. Box 331492     *      Miami, FL 33233-1492     *     (305) 667-SAIL

BBYRA helps provide a schedule of area regattas
 and a uniform NOR/SI for use  its member clubs .

BBYRA Member Clubs

Biscayne Bay Yacht Club   -   Coconut Grove Sailing Club    
Coral Reef Yacht Club 
Key Biscayne Yacht Club   -   Miami Yacht Club

Next BBYRA Board Meeting

The next BBYRA BOARD meeting will be Wednesday, August 10th.  If you have something you wish to submit for this meeting please prepare it in writing and mail to  BBYRA P. O. Box 331492, Miami, Florida 33233-1492.  OR you can email your document to .  It must be received the Friday before.
Thank you for your input.

BBYRA Notices:

2015-2016 Race Documents (Aug 03, 2015)

All changes to the calendar PDF file are listed in RED.

ABC’s of ORC Handicap Racing System

The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) has now published a new ORC Guidebook that explains the ORC system of handicap racing.

CGSC An Introductory Seminar on Sailboat Racing 101, first class is August 24th 7PM .... read more


Biscayne Bay Yacht Club's annual Lime Cup returns with a New Format for 2016.

The 50th annual Lime Cup this September 17 & 18th will offer divisions for;

        Boats with ORC Club handicap certificates.

        Boats with PHRF-SEF handicap certificates.

        Boats with BBYC Assigned Rating non-spinnaker ratings.

Time-on-Time scoring will be used for all divisions.

For full information visit the Lime Cup website at; 

Coconut Grove Sailing Club is hosting RC training course.
Sep 25th - GPS and Race Course Geometry
Oct 16th - Support Boat Training
Both excellent courses and open to all race committee volunteers.

KBYC's Round the Island Race info   stay tuned for updates

Interested in volunteering for Race Committee on Biscayne Bay?  It is a great way to meet people and build your experience.  We are starting a contact lists.  Please email me if you are availalble at

April 13th

Wednesday night racing was created to replace the old Racing 101. Its goal is to introduce people to the sport of sailboat racing and get them out on a boat. As a result everyone, regardless of experience is welcome. There is no advanced registration needed. Just show up.

People start arriving around 5:00 and we try to leave the dock by 5:30. For those of you who cannot get there that early you can certainly join us as you get there if it can be coordinated with a skipper.

We sail out to the end of the channel and set up a small course. Then we sail as many races as we can get in and make it back by dark. In mid-summer we have gotten in as many as 6 races

Here is how it works. We decide based on who shows up how many boats to take out. We try to get as many people out as possible and usually get everyone on a boat. We just need to have enough qualified skippers. You can become a qualified skipper by sailing with me one evening. As long as you seem to have the required skills you are in. There are 5 club boats available for use. Sponsors have the first choice to use them but if no sponsor shows up we assign them to qualified skippers. It is the responsibility of the skipper and crew of each boat to leave the as close to how it was found as possible including putting things back how you found them and making sure the boat is clean and tidy. Anything that breaks or doesn’t work correctly should be reported to me so I can solve the problem for the following week. There will also be privately owned boats there. We ask those skippers to take out as many as the can as well.

The purpose of this event is to provide people the opportunity to go racing regardless of experience. This means we must be patient with newcomers and try to educate them as much and as gently as possible. For it to be success people have to have fun and want to come and join us in our sport and hopefully on a Flying Scot.

Normal breakage of things is not the responsibility of the participants other than to report the problem. Damage due to collision or abuse is the responsibility of the users. Therefore boat contact is strongly discouraged. If there is contact between two boats both are responsible for the damage. If someone is going to hit you ---even if you are in the right ---tack away.

There is no scoring for these races. If there is a foul on the course there is no need for penalty turns. Simply disqualify yourself in your mind for that race and carry on. You will owe the person you fouled a drink at the bar. In case of disagreements I will act as jury. I will hear both sides and the loser of the grievance will owe me as well as the winning party a drink.

After racing we all meet at the bar.

We will have chalk talks about rules, tactics, speed tips and spinnaker handling. We try to choose talks and times based on time and weather. Last year we had a night too windy to go out so we did a spinnaker seminar on the strip. Often we will have rules and tactic discussions after the races while we are enjoying refreshment.

I hope to see you all out there!

Bud Price

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