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BBYRAWelcome to the new BBYRA Web Site
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Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association

Miami, Florida

P.O. Box 331492     *      Miami, FL 33233-1492     *     (305) 667-SAIL

BBYRA helps provide a schedule of area regattas
 and a uniform NOR/SI for use  its member clubs .

BBYRA Member Clubs

Biscayne Bay Yacht Club   -   Coconut Grove Sailing Club    
Coral Reef Yacht Club 
Key Biscayne Yacht Club   -   Miami Yacht Club

Next BBYRA Board Meeting

The next BBYRA BOARD meeting will be Wednesday, February 11th, 2015.  If you have something you wish to submit for this meeting please prepare it in writing and mail to  BBYRA P. O. Box 331492, Miami, Florida 33233-1492.  OR you can email your document to .  It must be received the Friday before.
Thank you for your input.

BBYRA Notices:


2014-2015 Race Documents (Aug 28)


CGSC will reschedule the PHRF #2 for April 4th

  • Reminder this will not count in the BBYRA series, but they will be giving the trophies out.

CRYC will reschedule the OD#4 for May 16th

  • Reminder this will not count in the BBYRA series, this is not an annual regatta.  There will be no trophies.


2014-2015 Sailing Season Fleet Captains - Please advise changes
The 2014-2015 Sailing Season is approaching.  Have you selected your FLEET CAPTAIN? You have two months to figure it out,  select one to represent the needs of your fleet.

 BBYRA Fleet Captains meeting is scheduled for January 28th.  What can you do?  Contact you Fleet Captain and let them know what your concerns are.  We will be posting information about our meeting afterwards.

Dear BBYRA Members,

 The BBYRA Board of Directors met last month and a topic to which we devoted a significant amount of time was member feedback.  Over the past few weeks we have received a number of emails from members proposing improvements of various kinds.

 Firstly the Board wants to thank all the members who took the time to write to us.  Constructive feedback is essential for any organization to succeed.

 While we expect that the dialog between members and the Board will continue, the Board has a few initial responses:

1.     It is clear from some of the emails we received that some members do not understand what the BBYRA is and what its mission is.  The BBYRA is an organizing body for the five member yacht clubs.  Our primary mission is to coordinate regatta schedules to avoid overlaps.  Aside from the small amount of money received from BBYRA member dues, which are almost entirely consumed by expenses like trophies and running the website, the BBYRA has no funds to pay Race Committees or incur any such expenses.  The member yacht clubs are the source of all our Race Committee staffing and related resources.  BBYRA members who would like to see more resources employed in the running of regattas, should direct that feedback to their yacht clubs.

2.     It is difficult for the Board to process feedback from individuals.  While we value all feedback, it would be easiest for us to act on feedback aggregated and presented to us by the fleet captains as a request from that fleet as a whole.  Otherwise we have individuals requesting conflicting changes.

3.     The feedback we have received regarding race courses is something we can and will act on.  We are finalizing some changes which we believe will result in race courses that are more in-line with the preferences of the BBYRA members.  Please keep in mind that we do not have the resources (again, this is a yacht club, not a BBYRA issue) to run several different courses simultaneously but the courses we do run can better accommodate the preferences of most participants -- and this is our goal.

4.     Underlying much of the feedback we received is a request for additional resources.  Aside from repeating the advice that the yacht clubs are the best place to
direct this feedback, we should point out that we have ourselves as additional resources.  The Board would like each BBYRA member to consider volunteering for Race Committee at least once each year.  If you are a One Design racer, volunteer on a PHRF race and vice versa.  This is the sort of change that is within our own power and could have a huge positive impact on many of the issues addressed in the feedback we've received.

5.     The Board is planning a upcoming meeting to include the fleet captains.  We are eager to work more closely with the fleet captains so that feedback and constant improvement becomes a part of how our organization operates and not allow frustration to build.

Thanks again for your feedback and we look forward to working together to strengthen our organization and increase the support we receive from the member yacht clubs.

 Sincerely, BBYRA Board of Directors

View some pictures of the 2013-2014 Annual Awards.

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US Sailing Initiative

As part of US Sailing’s ongoing efforts to provide information for sailing organizations to share with their members,  we are attaching this month’s article written by Dave Perry, author of Understanding the Racing Rules.     This piece also includes the updated link from US Sailing’s new website which we hope will prove helpful to your members. 
Time to start sailing, 
Liz Walker,  Championships Director, US Sailing