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BBYRAWelcome to the new BBYRA Web Site
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Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association

Miami, Florida

P.O. Box 331492     *      Miami, FL 33233-1492     *     (305) 667-SAIL

BBYRA helps provide a schedule of area regattas
 and a uniform NOR/SI for use by its member clubs .

BBYRA Member Clubs

Biscayne Bay Yacht Club   -   Coconut Grove Sailing Club    
Coral Reef Yacht Club 
Key Biscayne Yacht Club   -   Miami Yacht Club

Next BBYRA Board Meeting

The next BBYRA BOARD meeting will be Wednesday, July 12th.  If you have something you wish to submit for this meeting please prepare it in writing and mail to  BBYRA P. O. Box 331492, Miami, Florida 33233-1492.  OR you can email your document to .  It must be received the Friday before.
Thank you for your input.

 BBYRA Notices:  

2016-2017 Race Documents

  • BBYRA Sailing Instructions - 2016-2017
  • BBYRA Course Card - 2016-2017

  •  Amendment to the “BISCAYNE BAY YACHT RACING ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 2016 – 2017 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions”

    “THE RACING RULES OF SAILING for 2017 – 2020” shall be in effect for one design and handicap races for the Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association beginning January 1, 2017.   

    Henceforth, if there is a conflict between the new rules and the “BISCAYNE BAY YACHT RACING ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017”, the 2017-2020 rules will have precedence, with the exception of 2016 – 2017 NOR/SI Part IV: Series, Scoring, and Prizes which will remain in effect.  

    BBYRA Board of Directors



     In order to provide uniform data input in compliance with the ORC rule, the following shall be used for BBYRA handicap scoring:



    TIME ON TIME option shall apply.

    TRIPLE NUMBER shall be MEDIUM, unless, for the last vessel to finish in each class the average wind velocity has been below 8 knots the triple number shall be LOW, or if the average wind velocity has been above 16 knots the triple number shall be HIGH.   

    BBYRA Board of Directors


All changes to the calendar PDF file are listed in RED.

Summer is here, days are longer and it's time to going sailing. Wednesday night sailing is a time honored tradition practice worldwide and starting again this Wednesday, June 14. Come out and enjoy the water, sailing and friends.
We will set a course by Quick Flash for everyone that would like to participate.  
Participant information. 
-Rules are governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing.
-We will set a short and long course for different speed boats. J24's and boats with longer waterlines (along with foiling boats) will sail the longer course. All others will sail the shorter course. 
-Green triangle flag is the class flag for the short course.
-Red square flag is the class flag for the long course.
-3 minute start sequence will be used.
-W/L course will be sailed unless otherwise specified.
-Notice to competitors may be made verbally on the water.
-Awards are bragging rights and an opportunity to tell stories only.
-First start scheduled for 1830.
- Scheduled number of races depends on weather, daylight and bar hours.

-Anyone interested in participating in RC, please let me know. This is an opportunity to get some practice with flags, timing, course setting, scoring, etc. 
-The plan is to leave the dock at 1800.
Whether sailing or participating in RC, come out and join the fun on the water and on land.
Please forward to all potentially interested people.
Bill Scheuermann  CRYC RC

Key West Race Week has been cancelled for 2018.
Storm Tri Sail Club is considering putting on a Safety At Sea Seminar in Miami the weekend of January 20th, 2018.  Please let us know if you are interested in attending.

Is ORC Confusing to you?  This might help.

Sad News ... Stuart Sorg passed away last night.  A Navy Seal, protector of Biscayne Bay and the City of Miami waterfront.  A civic activist, avid sailor, diver, and Coconut Grover, he and his quirkiness will be missed

Services for Stuart are at St. Stephens Church, Saturday, May 20th, 11AM


BBYRA would like to acknowledge Ryan Alexander and crew for doing the proper thing in offering assistance while racing; consistent with the traditions of the sea and racing rules.  Their request was filed too late to action by the BBYC RC.


Request as follows: 
During our second race on Saturday 29 April 2017, we (Beija Flor 6075) stopped on our downwind leg to assist another boat (Lady Hope) as they had capsized and a crew member was drifting away from the boat into the race course with down wind traffic. We aided the other boat with righting their vessel and transferred crew to their boat. Later we rejoined the fleet to participate in the third and final race of the day. Our scoring was recorded as follows; 3, 9 (dnf 8 + 1) and 3. For a total of 15 points for the day. At our post race briefing it was suggested that we should apply for "redress" regarding our results. We are not overly familiar with the inner workings of the BBYRA race committees, is there a possibility of a review of our statistics for the day?  Thank you, Ryan Alexander


CRYC held its first Remote Control Boat Regatta on May 7th.  With 24 sailors racing the DragonForce 65 class boats, it was an exciting day of competition. The races were held at the Kennedy Park/USSC floating docks.  PRO Freddy Sambolin kept everything running smoothly with 7 sets of races and a split to Gold and Silver Fleets. The wind was shifty but steady and Nick Voss proved the be the spoiler of the day. The final race was an all boats free-for-all and a lot of fun. Scorer Dorian Goldberg and Judge Rick Bischoff made sure everything was perfect.  A shout out thanks to Lisa Maguire for arranging the trophies. A special thanks goes to John de Olazarra for being on "Weed Patrol" the entire day keeping the race course clean.  And congratulations to John won the Raffle of a DragonFilte 95 RC Boat generously donated by Chuck LaMahieu . The Regatta Organizer was Wendy Kamilar. 

 The overall winner was Tony Gonsalves from Barbados.

 Results:   Gold Fleet:   1st Tony Gonsalves,  2nd Patrick Rynne,  3rd  Brian Kamilar    Silver Fleet:  1st  Enrique Quintero   2nd Claudio Beier   3rd  Gerd Peterson



Interested in volunteering for Race Committee on Biscayne Bay?  It is a great way to meet people and build your experience.  We are starting a contact lists.  Please email me if you are availalble at


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