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If you would like to be listed on this page, use our Contact Form. Please be advised that we do delete listings over 6 months old for the purpose of keeping our list updated with current info for Skippers needing crew. Thank you for participating.
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Current crew available (listings valid for 6 months)

  • Randy  - My sailing experience starts at 11 years old with dinghies sailboats; then as a skipper on racing boats and finally delivering and chartering. I have raced J24, J30, J35 and Soling in diference position on board and this alow me to be in any position. I recently moved to Miami and I want to go back to races. I speak Spanish and english. Fair winds! 786 2019652


  • Will Price  -  Extremely experienced crew available . Recently relocated from Newport Rhode Island presently living in Islamorada Florida. 20 years plus experience in one design and handicap yacht racing. I have a vast knowledge of racing on Etchells ,Stars ,Melges 24/32's J24/111/120/44/35/ ect. Farr 30/395/40s ,AC12 meter(US23 Heritage) and several custom 40 to 60 footers. I have participated in many successful campaigns on a World,National and local level in Newport, Block Island, Annapolis, Miami, Key West, St. Pete /Tampa, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, Sardinia, Hawaii and San Francisco. My strengths are trimming and tactics (bow and driving are not a problem either). I am primarily interested in one design(Etchells#1) racing in the Miami area but I am willing to travel to regattas. I can provide references from North, Quantum, Doyle,Lewmar,Navtec as well as many owners.
    Six-foot 185+- pounds very laid-back fun-loving person with the will to win and have a good time with it.My turn on's are windy days good crew work and lots of fun . My turn off's are yelling arguing and fighting I don't play that game so if you want somebody who can be an asset to your crew please feel free to contact me at 860-876-6448/email:

  • Scott Levick 603-724-5659 Intermediate crew, looking for a boat to race on. Experience sailing (owning) I-14's and racing 420's on Lake Champlain. and some PHRF out of Bristol. Ri-25, recently moved here for graduate school and eager to get out on the water in any capacity! (08/14)
  • Nick Copeland   3055049349  Quite experienced & enthusiastic yacht racer / crew member. Can cover varied tasks on board from spinnaker & genoa hoisting / trim, helm, bow, galley slave etc. Member of Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC UK), and Coastal Skipper qualified. Keen on off-shore / passages as well. Recently moved to the Grove and keen to get involved out on water! Nick Copeland
  • Jenn Stone   978-430-0174  just moved here from Newport RI. I usually sail offshore and PHRF. I just want to get on the water so I'm game for anything. I used to teach sailing and went to a Maritime college. I can usually fit into any position on the boat. I like mid and trimming spin. But anything to get me on the water :)
  • Elizabeth Chambers  I just graduated from college of Charleston. I sailed on the team for four years and was the A women's skipper. I have worked on a yacht and also participated in numerous Wednesday night and other big boat series. I just moved to Miami for graduate school and would love to get back out on the water! Please contact me at 843-327-7732.
  • Javier Diaz  (786) 523-1359    I have always been intrigued in racing sail boats. I thrive in competition! I am a fairly quick learner, athletic, in tremendous shape. Classy, witty, very respectable, loyal, and have a heart the size of Texas. I get along with EVERYONE and would make a great addition to any race team looking for a member on their team.
  • Derek Ramga   2129918190  I am 6'5 215lbs very athletic and want to master sailing. I am eager to be learn and am an excellent listener ready to take instruction.  I have completed the Coconut Grove Sailing course under Richard Crisler and would like to gain a bit more experience before being tested for my license.   call or e mail anytime. I can be ready at a moments notice.
  • Daniel O'farrill    7868034061   Type of boats experiences: oceanic boats, tp 52, farr 40, j/24 laser , and club 420 , I'm driver, trimmer, main sail and foredeck, i am 15 years old and ready to win
  • Dan Littell - Young, strong, skilled and eager to win! 30 years old, originally from Miami and been out on the bay since way before I can remember. Served in the Navy, currently an accountant of 10 year and been sailing since 2007. First sailed aboard Rim Shot with Russell Dunn for a season.  Most recently sailed 1st place with Gran Cru in the Lauderdale to Key West; 3rd place in the Lime Cup with Mystico. Sailed mostly BBYRA but would love to do the Abacos and more long haul sailing.  Looking for a competitive boat to sail on.  If I'm racing I want to race, cursing is something I love to do but it's not racing.  Don't mind practicing and putting in the extra effort to win a race and be #1.  I'm registered with ISAF.  I've held all positions on crew, my strongest being Jib Sheet, my weakest being Helmsman.  Served as foredeck bowman & Main on Rim Shot; jib sheet on Gran Cru; and jib sheet on Mystico.  Love to sail and looking to be part of your winning team. 786-529-1433
  • Nicolas Gallo 3056478463  (26, 6'4" 180) FIU Engineering student. I have only sailed a few times a few years back so I am a completely newbie. I am eager to learn and to help with whatever I can.
  • Brian McNiel    850-687-2231   38 6'2" 225lbs  I've crew experience on J24's foredeck.   I have owned several sailboats the last one being an Erwin 25 I sailed fj's in college at The University of Texas I can be available on Weekends and can make Weekdays to with notice.   Let's get out on the water.
  • Rob Dunakin   Experience I learned on a Venture 24 when i was 8. I have moderate experience (sailed overnight once) and willing to learn what I do not know. I am a quick learner.  Contact information text or call 954-646-1695 I work 9-5 but am a bit flexible if necessary.
  • Kevin L. Samuel  Experience: none/ avid swimmer (regular @ Haulover) no crew experience Contact information: (305) 529-1903 Participated in Miami Sailing Week opening reception (yesterday 3/3/14) . Was told by a SLAM representative to contact BBYRA for opportunities to learn. Black male 6'1" 203lbs Miami native lived overseas for a number of years (Africa). Interested in learning how to navigate these waters.
  • Humberto Zepeda , have been sailing 5 yrs. , J24s and match racing j22s would love to join as crew , 305 7874181
  • Sebastian Rodriguez, 30  Experience: some but not a lot, but willing to learn and give you a hand as mate the next time you need to move a boat or as ballast during a regatta. Contact information: 954 789 1792
  • Patrick O'Reilly  I recently moved from the Houston area where I did club PHRF racing on my Cal 24.  I have also done some one design racing on J Boats and Vipers.  I would like to find a boat to crew on during races.  832-454-2858
  • Angela Blancas  Experience  - Basic course   Contact information 786 3990300