Sailboat Racing in Miami

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Current BBYRA Scratch Sheets

Do not print the Scratch Sheets earlier than 48 hours before a race/regatta as there may be last minute changes

ORC/PHRF/ARC Scratch Sheet

One Design Scratch Sheet

Every boat racing in a BBYRA scheduled event must be properly registered and current with annual dues. A Handicap boat must have submitted a current ratings certificate with registration. Any boat not meeting these requirements of registration may not be scored and may be protested.

It is the sailors responsibility to fly the appropriate class pennant and to inform race committee of any discrepancy in registered sail numbers, whether it be that a number fell off or they are sailing with different numbers on any one of their sails. Race committees do not have to score them if they were not informed. The Handicap Scratch Sheet lists the boats by class including their rating information. The One Design Scratch Sheet is used for check-ins and manual scoring if necessary.