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Ready to Race?

It is the sailors responsibility to fly the appropriate class pennant and to inform race committee of any discrepancy in registered sail numbers, whether it be that a number fell off or they are sailing with different numbers on any one of their sails.


Every BBYRA boat must be properly registered and current with annual dues.   A PHRF boat must have submitted a current PHRF certificate with registration.  Any boat not meeting these requirements of registration May be protested.

Protest Flag
See this flying - do turns if you made a mistake or take a penalty.

BBYRA Sailing

Skipper/Sailor Checklist for Racing

You've got your crew ready, cleaned the bottom of the boat, fixed the sails and stowed the emergency libations, what else have you forgotten?

New documents will be posted here as they become available. In the between season the links may still point to the previous year's documents. In these cases please bear with us. You can also contact us by emailing BBYRA with a question.

Here's a quick list of some things you may have forgotten to bring along:

Teaching sailingBBYRA supports fair sailing, if you break a rule while racing please take your penalty, as you would expect another boat to do this if they fouled you.