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BBYRA Actions taken by the Board

Your BBYRA Board of Directors, consisting of the race committee chairs of the five participating clubs, meets once monthly to provide a schedule of area regattas and a uniform NOR/SI for use by its clubs.

Communications with owners is a large part of our discussion. The board has decided that we should keep our fleets informed of "Actions of the Board" in a timely manner using the BBYRA website. There will not be items every month, and some months there may be more than one.

  • July 2014
    Board voted to have web site redesigned including updates to make site more friendly for tablets and smartphones
  • February 2015
    Amended the SIs to allow rescheduled races to be counted in the annual series.

    Fleet Captains meeting takeaways

    Working on 2015-2016 calendar dates to provide 12 race annual series ... coming soon.
  • BBYRA would like to acknowledge Ryan Alexander and crew for doing the proper thing in offering assistance while racing; consistent with the traditions of the sea and racing rules.  Their request was filed too late to action by the BBYC RC.


    Request as follows: 
    During our second race on Saturday 29 April 2017, we (Beija Flor 6075) stopped on our downwind leg to assist another boat (Lady Hope) as they had capsized and a crew member was drifting away from the boat into the race course with down wind traffic. We aided the other boat with righting their vessel and transferred crew to their boat. Later we rejoined the fleet to participate in the third and final race of the day. Our scoring was recorded as follows; 3, 9 (dnf 8 + 1) and 3. For a total of 15 points for the day. At our post race briefing it was suggested that we should apply for "redress" regarding our results. We are not overly familiar with the inner workings of the BBYRA race committees, is there a possibility of a review of our statistics for the day?  Thank you, Ryan Alexander