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If you would like to be listed on this page, use our Contact Form. Please be advised that we do delete listings over 6 months old for the purpose of keeping our list updated with current info for Skippers needing crew. Thank you for participating.
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  • Pascal E.  (11/12/2019)

 Hi, I am 34 frenchmam and I am new in Miami area. I look for a boat in order to race at all levels or all positions. I enjoy sailing simply with fun and I enjoy to compete also. I have much experience in sailing on big boats, and some in racing on 420 monohulled category. I can steer, or tactic, or simply give my hands to winch. I will be happy to join any boats to participate in some regattas. So do not hesitate to contact me. +1 786 804 3906


  • Daniel Rocha de Oliveira (12/1/2018)


Comments: Regatta sailor available! Good trimmer, Bowman. Racing experienced on J70, J24, Snipe, 30'-70'. 36 Years, Fit, 70kg.


  • Jessica Schnabel (9/5/2018)

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: I am in Fort Lauderdale for 4 months for an internship. I have raced Catamarans for the past 7 years. I have little experience with monohulls, but would love to learn.

  • Jim New  (9/5/2018)

Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: Experienced Skipper looking for crewing opportunities in the Key Biscayne racing circuit. Can start in November. I sail an Evelyn 32-2, with both asymm and symmetrical kite setups. I'm 65 yrs old, 6'2", and 210 lbs.

  • Iris Krehahn (8/23/2018)


Looking for any boats to crew on. Used to race competitively in college for UCSB on FJs and the occassional 420. Used to work as a deckhand on a 72', 76', and 78' maxi sail yacht. Have done multiple deliveries and races on 48' and larger boats in Australia. Have raced old retired Volvo 70 yachts as well. Experienced on everything from catamarans and monohulls between 12-78 feet. Happy to help you sail fast!


  • Tom Cobin  (07/01/2018)

Crew Looking for Boat

Comments: Experienced racer and former instructor in Annapolis. Can fill all positions from pointy end to stick or wheel in the back. Boats raced over 20+ years run from 22’ to 44.7’ — in lower and upper Chesapeake Bay (Hampton Roads to Annapolis); NY / Long Island Sound; and Chicago / Lake Michigan. Own my own Capri 26 for cruising and may get it rated and race it; meantime open to crewing for others.


  • Peter Warner (06/06/18)

Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: Hi, Could you please put my name on the 'crew looking for a boat' list. I am an Australian sailor with many years of competitive sailing experience, predominantly in skiffs and dinghy's but have done some offshore racing in bigger boats too. I can sail in any position from the front to the back of the boat. Looking to fill in as required at this stage. Thanks, Peter

  • Kelly Hudak  06/06/18

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: Love sailing and have some experience in weekly and PHRF racing in California. Looking for an opportunity to develop skills.

  • Bruce LaFollette (06/06/18)

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: Experienced sailor looking to hone skills. Love to run around on the foredeck! Participated in PHRF, as well as, weekly races from Dana Point, CA.



  • Christopher Allen (06/06/18)


Comments: Greetings, I am a non-smoking fit 56 year old single male who wishes to volunteer for any and all positions on a sail of any decent size. No experience beyond surfing but willing and able to learn. Open schedule. Cheers.


  • Dr. Julien Zaragoza


Service: Crew Looking for Boat

I'm looking to joining as a crew member for some racing on Biscayne Bay.


  • Jake Cunningham

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Experience racing in the Boston Area on J24 teams (2yrs - foredeck, trimmer, pit, mast), Soling teams (2.5yrs - trimmer, foredeck), on a Farr 37 team (3months - foredeck), collegiate racing, and Laser racing. Willing and able to fill-in, but would love to commit to a team! Please feel free to reach out! New to the area ~ 24y/o ~ cell: 978-944-8055.

  • Oren Lambert

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Grew up crewing J/24 on Milwaukee Yacht Club. Was captain of my sailing team at University of Minnesota. Sailed a lot at Culver Naval Academy. Taught sailing classes. Haven't sailed in a couple of years. Ideal scenario would be weekly weekday races after work. I live in Surfside and work in Miami. Please reach out if you need a crew. 305-395-2837.

  • Daniel Baker

Service: Select Here for Inquiry

FullName: Daniel Baker


Comments: Looking to get back into racing. Experienced crew but it's been a while 30 ft /40 ft boats but will sail anything. Let's get racing!

  •  Drew Johnson

 I recently moved to the Miami area and am looking to get back on the water. I have been sailing since I was 8 years old in Opti's, then moved to laser sailing. I raced FJ's and 420's in high school and college, and taught junior sailing/racing for 12 years. I also have experience crewing on J22s, and would love the chance to get back into the racing circuit on Biscayne Bay. Contact (757)641-0317 . Posted 17oct2017

  • Jonathan Edelman

Looking to get involved with local and offshore racing. I took the two day 'Safety at Sea' course at the Naval Academy in April, 2017. Raced aboard 'Dogsled' as a pit man in the 2017 Marblehead to Halifax race. Raced aboard Raisin Cane as a pit man in the 2017 Miami to Havana race. Did not drive during the race, but took my turn on the helm for the trip back to Miami. Raced aboard Chasch Mer in the 2016 Pacific Cup. I live in Orlando, and have control over my work schedule, so I can take time off if given notice of a race.  Posted 17oct2017

  • Emily Meehan
Very experienced crew (and skipper!) I grew up racing Optis, Lasers, and Flying Scot at Deep Creek Lake Yacht Club in Western Maryland. I am US Sailing Level 1 Certified, and taught sailing to children and adults. Upon entering The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VA, I joined my school's team where I raced 420s and Fjs as a skipper and a crew. I held various leadership positions on the team, such as Fundraising Chair, Regatta Chair, Secretary,and Commodore for a year. This role included supervising an 80+member team and all the leadership roles, practices, regattas, and other events held by the team since the team was solely student run. I also taught beginners and racers on my team. I began racing keelboats in college, and I have experience with jib, pit, and main, but I am a quick learner! I graduated in Spring 2017, and throughout this summer I continued to race, and hope to continue while in Florida!  Posted 17oct2017

  • Brant Hadaway

Experienced coastal cruising skipper (30' to 41' - U.S. Sailing Bareboat certified) with some one-design racing experience looking to crew as a sail trimmer or helmsman. Excellent, back-of-hand familiarity with newer Jeanneau/Beneteau layout and sail trim.  Posted 17oct2017

  • ivan grekov



  • Amanda Meyers

My name is Amanda Meyers and my cell is 305-993-9303, best way to reach me is by text. I am looking to get back into racing. Raced practically my whole life until I relocated to TN and NC. Raced in the following: Thistle, Laser Radial, 470, 420, C Scow, Etchells, Hobie 16, J24, and others that are escaping me at the moment. I grew up on the Gulf coast of Texas. Have been a member of Corpus Christi Yacht Club, Houston Yacht Club and Newport Harbor Yacht Club.  Posted 17oct2017

  • Theron Borch

Comments: I am 20 years old and recently began sailing when I moved to Florida at the beginning of the year in 2016 so my experience is limited. I have been rigging sailboats for over 8 months now for two highly reputable companies. A friend and I recently purchased a Pearson 365 and currently live aboard as we work to restore it. I'm eager to get out sailing and learn as much as I possibly can! 


  • Dan Avery

Comments: I have 167 hours working on a 88ft gaff rig schooner Adirondack III in Boston harbor. I've done some racing, Figawi race 2016. Very laid back, new to Miami Beach and looking to be an extra set of hands on a pleasure boat of any size. Very much like to finish a sail with a dark-n-stormy.

  • Jaime I Balzac

Comments: Non Professional - Experience Sailor Looking for Boat to Crew! Recently relocated to Miami. J24(Previous Owner), J22(Previous Owner), CREW: Melges 24, Melges 32, J92S, J39, J80, Ligthning among others. Weigth:172lb. Age:32

  • Daniel Ribeiro

Service: Crew Looking for Boat

FullName: Daniel Ribeiro


Comments: I'm 41 y/o 5'8 and 175 lb. I competed for 10 years in Brazil. I started on the Optmist, after that I had changed to Holder, 470 and supercat 17. I won some Brazilian states competition and after a while I became Brazilian champion on the super cat 17. I'm doing windsurf and sometimes I like to rent a hobie gateway to sail with my wife.

  • Barrie Nunns

Service: Crew Looking for Boat

FullName: Barrie Nunns


Comments: sailed in s california for last 30 yrs on boats 20ft to 100ft pit mast jib trim main trim helm

  • Ali Emre

Service: Crew Looking for Boat

FullName: Ali Emre


Comments: Racing for 48 yrs Skipper, helmsman, trimmer, tactician For the last 12 years I worked with beginners and intermediat racers for performance optimization Raced with, Elan 400, Beneteau 34.7, Dufour 44 GL, Benetau First 45, Grand Soleil 37-43, X-482, Farr 40, Beneteau 35' , Farr Half tonner, Ed Dubois Custom 50', Dufour 31 M : 786-661 6870


  • Herb Borden

Service: Crew Looking for Boat

FullName: Herb Borden


Comments: Have raced PHRF in New England extensively and off shore in the northeast. Own, race and cruise a Tartan presently. Am in Coconut Grove for two months and would like to get out on the water. (774)271-2853


  • Lionel NICOLAÏ

Service: Crew Looking for Boat
Comments: Hi my name is Lionel I am French but I am living Miami. I did a lot race in Europe and USA on boat like Farr 46/Mumm 30/TP 52/Swan 601/J80/X35/X37/Vaton 100'.etc I am bowman/driver/tactician I would love to race in Miami. 30years 5'6" 130lbs


  • Peter Vaka

Available any time any position to crew. Racing experience.

  • Daniel Rocha

Service: Crew Looking for Boat

Crew Looking for Boat I have recently arrived in Florida and I'm looking to crew for racing boats in regattas. I have pretty much experience as sailor for more than 10y and worked as sailing insturctor for the last two years in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Sailed regattas of Ocean Classes (from 20' to 50'), HPE25, J70 and Snipe including regional titles for the HPE25 and J70.


  • Joel B. Krieger

Service: Crew Looking for Boat  305-505-0941

I am a long time Miami Resident with over 30 years of sailing and racing experience and a Coconut Grove Sailing Club Member. I used to own a 32 ft. Ericson sloop for about 8 years. In 1995-96 I earned the US Sailing Association Keelboat, Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising Certificates. During and after that time I have raced extensively with the Castle Harbor Ensigns, an International Regatta in Turkey on a 48 ft. boat, the Bimini Race, many Columbus Day Regattas, the CGSC Flying Scots Wednesday Races and numerous other races.


  • Jon Edelman

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: Recently completed the Pacific Cup aboard the Santa Cruz 50, Chach Mer, based out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Served as the boat's physician and cook. On deck rotated through positions during the watch. Served in the pit during full crew evolutions. Looking to gain additional buoy and offshore racing experience. References available from Chasch Mer's skipper/owner as well as from the skipper of J World Sailing School 2009 Transpac team. Please contact me at

  • Chris Guldi

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: 240-538-2703 Raced Wednesday night races in the Chesapeake Bay as fill in on various boats before moving here four years ago. Since moving to South Florida have crewed on the same boat that is no longer racing. Have worked the foredeck and can drive the boat, or grind winches or whatever else is needed. Would love to be regular crew on a competitive boat.

  • Yaniv Soozin

Service: Crew Looking for Boat


Comments: 35 years old 6'4" athletic, very experience, will do any position on the boat. fun loving. Will provide help in maintaining the vessel too. Owner of a Mini Transat, a very diverse racing resume. Yaniv Soozin 210 912 4348

  • Henry Degroot 55 year old 175 lbs experienced sailor looking for any crew position on any boat, prefer one design or 35'+ racer, Etchells NOOD #1 (as crew) Key West RW #1 (as driver).  Located in Key West - available to be in Miami weekends, will work for rail time! 

  • Matthew J. Sears  954.479.4743  've sailed J105's for Thursday night beer can race's out of long beach.  I'm 6'1" 150 lbs.  I sailed an Olson 30 for 4.5 yrs in Long Beach Raceweek's, Turkey Day regatta's, and Midwinters Regatta's.  Sailed it every other week for almost 5 years.    Our crew most recently took 3rd place overall PHRF in LBRW in 2015.  I was working as tactician and mainsail trimmer.  However I can work an position on boat, foredeck [squirreling], pit, you name it.    Sailed a Dufour for a few years too out to catalina and all over the south bay.  Used to race sunfish for fun for a few years too.   I learned to sail in boyscouts [I'm an eagle scout].    Please let me know of anyone who wants an easygoing, smart, hustler type of guy who loves to sail.  My wife loves too also, and she's 5'4" 130lbs and has raced with me a lot.    Looking forward to hearing from you!   Thanks.  Posted 07/18/2016


  • Randy  - My sailing experience starts at 11 years old with dinghies sailboats; then as a skipper on racing boats and finally delivering and chartering. I have raced J24, J30, J35 and Soling in diference position on board and this alow me to be in any position. I recently moved to Miami and I want to go back to races. I speak Spanish and english. Fair winds! 786 2019652

  • Will Price  -  Extremely experienced crew available . Recently relocated from Newport Rhode Island presently living in Islamorada Florida. 20 years plus experience in one design and handicap yacht racing. I have a vast knowledge of racing on Etchells ,Stars ,Melges 24/32's J24/111/120/44/35/ ect. Farr 30/395/40s ,AC12 meter(US23 Heritage) and several custom 40 to 60 footers. I have participated in many successful campaigns on a World,National and local level in Newport, Block Island, Annapolis, Miami, Key West, St. Pete /Tampa, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, Sardinia, Hawaii and San Francisco. My strengths are trimming and tactics (bow and driving are not a problem either). I am primarily interested in one design(Etchells#1) racing in the Miami area but I am willing to travel to regattas. I can provide references from North, Quantum, Doyle,Lewmar,Navtec as well as many owners.
    Six-foot 185+- pounds very laid-back fun-loving person with the will to win and have a good time with it.My turn on's are windy days good crew work and lots of fun . My turn off's are yelling arguing and fighting I don't play that game so if you want somebody who can be an asset to your crew please feel free to contact me at 860-876-6448/email: