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Kevin Treusch 561-212-3720  Experience:  Bowman on Jammin. Previously sailed out of the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago. Was the trimmer and bowman on a Soverel 33 named Assassin. Raced in the 2003 Chicago Mackinac Island race on Assassin, and the 2004 Chicago Mackinac Island race on a boat named Wings and won our section. Have traveled around the East coast for various regattas such as Block Island and NOOD regattas. Looking to join a crew and get back to the action.


Hi team at BBYRA:  I understand that sailboats at CGSC or other local clubs may need crew members for South Florida sailing regattas happening twice a month. 

I've been recently relocated to Coral Gables with my family due to work, and I'm just trying to keep sailing locally if possible. 

- I had the chance to get a license with the Full Basic Keelboat class at CGSC years ago (US Sailing certificate)
- I also have a license (attached as well) from the Argentina Coast Guard (Prefectura Naval Argentina)
- I did also attend, around 2016 in Buenos Aires(Yacht Club of Argentina), to an initial "Regattas 101 class" which was very interesting and demanding. 

Please forward my message and contact info to captains or sailboat owners in your clubs that may need an extra hand.Thanks and best regards

Luciano Santilli


Hi, I crew on a J28 during our club's racing season in NY each spring and fall. Usually on jib, comfortable on main/traveller and can also assist with foredeck, spinnaker and general sail shape adjustments. Flying south for a week and would love to spend time with fellow racing sailors!  Shiri    S. Dembovich <>


Good Morning, My name is Shawn Tinney and I stumbled across your website while looking for Local crewing. A little bit about me,  I grew up in the Keys and Miami, I have been on, in , or under the water more thanI have been on land in my life. I joined the US Navy out of High school. My MOS/Rating was an Engiineman, so I  am a pretty good Mechanic, and earned the nickname MacGyver for my ability to repair things underway using inventive problem solving.  The Unit that I was assigned to was Special Boat Unit 12, ( the guys who transport the SEALS), where i was formally taught Navigation, Rules of the Road, Radar Operation etc... and qualified as a Boat Captain, for 24ft RHIBS, 42 ft, Fountain, 65 Ft Patrol Boats ,one of which I took from Norfolk through the Panama Canal to San Diego. 

In the intervening years I have worn a lot of hats, Including 6 years in The National Guard 20th Special Forces Group, where I deployed to the Middle East  in support of GWOT. Contemporaneously , my civilian job was  a Firefighter/EMT, so I am pretty good to have around in case of an emergency or injury. I have been a Brick Mason, an Office Manager, owned a computer repair company, Investigator, dive tour operator as well as an intermittent captain of a few privately owned boats.  I am as comfortable in the bilge under an engine as taking important clients out for a day on or under the water. 

I bought a classic plastic sailboat last. year and am in the middle of refitting her for extended cruising. Although i have thousands of hours on the water, it has been almost all powerboats, with less than 100 under sail.  

I would very much like to crew for some of your upcoming races in 2023, in an effort to get more experience under sail and get more plugged into the south florida sailing/cruising community.  Thank you for your help!   Shawn Tinney    561-454-9857


Andy Hacket, 58 years, very fit, 6’1”, 200 lbs

- Extensive sail experience skipper/crew in San Francisco Bay
- RS500, J80, J105, Merritt 25, Pearson Commander, Ericson 32
- Coconut Grove Sailing Club Member since Dec 2022
- Cruising Skipper Rating at Cal Sailing in Berkeley, CA, 
- ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, 106 certifications 

I am a team player and take orders from skipper very. Good experience on trapeze and asymmetric spinnaker. Some experience with symmetric spinnaker. Fit with detailed sail trim. 

In interested in any boat class; J24 and J70 would be awesome. I getting into Flying Scot at CGSC. 

Please let me know if you need any additional information.Fair winds, Andy    Andrew Hacket <>